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Posted 11/10/16

Youth Workshops 


A workshop to guide you in your career selection. It’s a great starting point if you are unsure of what job or career you might like to work in. In this workshop we look at the parts of your life that give us clues to some careers that you will enjoy.

We explore your skills and interests and we will listen to you as you journey through understanding the parts of your life that highlight your unique talents that can be applied in the work force. If you have no idea what career you might like, we have unique activities to get you thinking about and experiencing possible pathways to make your life, the best life.


Ok, you’ve got i-Life sorted, now the next piece of the puzzle is to understand the world of work. Consider;

  • Where do you want to work?
  • What will you be doing at work?
  • What will the people be like?
  • What will they expect of me?

So many questions!!!

This workshop looks at different occupations and what employers expect of a Gen-Z in the working world. We look at matching your life (i-Life) with a workplace (i-Work) that you will enjoy – ‘cause no one wants to work somewhere they don’t like.


So, i-Life sorted… check, i-Work sorted… check. You know what you like and you know the industry you want to work in. You will be i-Ready! You are now equipped with the skills and knowledge to search job sites, use networks and start applying for jobs.
This workshop will cover how to create an awesome resume and cover letter, job interview techniques and how to approach employers. We will show you how to uncover those “hidden jobs” that no one else knows about, giving you the best chance of success.


Window Walkthrough 

As mentioned in our blog post “The Importance of Interview Preparation with our Young People”, we talked about a soft entry activity we do with our clients to help prepare them for future employment opportunities. A mentor or YDC will take an individual or group of clients to the local shops to have a walk around and discuss different roles available in Retail, Hospitality, and Customer Service. We go through the process of handing out a resume, communicating with potential employers, and making a good first impression. For some clients this can be a little daunting at first, and so we have prepared a simple quiz for them to complete back at the office after their workshop. This reflection activity allows clients to be more comfortable to be actively involved in handing out resumes and talking to employers next time they give it a try. Check out our quiz here!


People in Business Career Walk

Gen-Z Employment have partnered with Barry Lee, from Magnesium Media, to deliver a workshop that focuses on creative career opportunities. This workshop caters to clients interested in Photography, Digital Media, Video, Social Media, and Business – all highly sort after industries in our tech-savvy society. This activity takes clients on a walk to multiple local businesses to discover what exactly is involved in these industries. The workshop focuses on building social and communication skills, as well as learning about products, business profiles, and various business owner career journeys.

Our young people are given the opportunity to engage in taking photos to edit and add to our social media, and to understand the process in content building.