Tree Tops Challenge: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 13/06/17

i:Connect is a group run at Gen –Z every Wednesday. i:Connect is focused on developing communication skills, social skills and enhancing confidence and self esteem. The young people participating in i:Connect have taken part in cooking sessions, strength based activities and interview techniques. i:Connect participants have also had the opportunity to take part in community engagement workshops which has included a volunteering experience at St Johns drop in centre. Along with practical communication skills, physical exercise is also incorporated into the i:Connect sessions. We have had young people engage in Bounce and the Tree Tops Challenge at Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary. Both of these activities have been extraordinary ways of engaging young people with healthy lifestyles and fitness.

The Tree Tops Challenge is built up with five high ropes courses in the adventure park. The young people who participated in this workshop were challenged mentally and physically with high ropes courses. The course allowed the young people to push their own personal limits in a supportive environment. Everyone who participated was encouraging and worked as team to complete the course. After the activity, spirits were high and muscles were sore and everyone found they achieved more than they thought they were capable of.