The Importance of Interview Preparation with our Young People

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 30/09/16

“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”

We all know how nerve-racking interviews can be! We have all been there at some stage in our career journey. For young people especially, the waiting period leading to an interview can be the most stressful time. It’s imperative at Gen-Z that we go through the whole process with our young people when preparing for job interviews. Recently we have incorporated interview skills into our workshops, as well as working alongside our mentors to ensure our clients are confident and comfortable for the upcoming experience.

Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist from McGill University in Montreal, recently appeared on Ted Talks, speaking about how our body reacts to upcoming stressful situations. Daniel Levitin believes there are ways to avoid making critical mistakes in these situations. It has been scientifically proven that we are not our best, when we are stressed! He suggests that in order to prevent making mistakes in critical moments, it is helpful to determine what might be the cause of this, and how to prevent and prepare for them.

When preparing a client for an interview, we like to ask how the young person is feeling about their chances, what hurdles they may be faced with, and how they will react to certain questions they might not be so confident with. Role playing is a great way to ease their nerves and boost their confidence. Making sure they have notified their references, updated their job history, and prepared their interview attire and transportation are also important.

A soft entry activity we do with our clients who have no previous work experience involves heading over to their local shops and doing a “window walkthrough”. This involves the mentor or YDC walking with the client and discussing the process of handing out resumes, communicating with potential employers, and making a good first impression. All it takes is an employer to take a chance on a young person, but it’s showing them you deserve a chance that is crucial!


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