A Gen-Z Good News Story

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 28/04/17

Another week has gone by in the TtW world and we’re glad to announce another good news story with you.


This week, one of our great young men from Southport, overcame multiple obstacles that were restricting him from finding a job and a career path.


This young man has been with us for a short time and had expressed his struggles in getting through the application stage of job search, due to his limited options for public transport and no previous work experience. Our YDC’s reinforced the attitude that everyone has to start somewhere, so let’s get to work!


First, we engaged him in some workshops that would benefit his interview skills, communication skills, and social skills. The participant actively engaged in our workshops; i:Work, and i:Life, which gave him the direction to map out his skills and strengths. He then completed a ‘My Career Match’ Quiz which helped him decide which avenue he would like to start with.


The next step was working towards his driving hours with our Queensland Police Citizens Youth Club collaborated workshop, Braking the Cycle. This program that allows young people to have driving lessons with a volunteer PCYC instructor in order to achieve 100 practical learning hours.


The impact these workshops had on this young person were evident after only a few months. His confidence had increased, interview skills were well practiced, and he landed a great full time job. Achieving this goal allowed him to complete his driving hours. After saving up his wages, he successfully completed his driving exam and received his licence. Soon after, our young participant was buying his first car, all due to his own hard work and determination.


We are thrilled to share this good news story with you, and we are exceptionally proud of this young person for breaking down barriers and achieving his goals.