A Gen-Z Good News Story

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 30/09/16

Support is key!

Today’s good news story is about a young client who received support around career direction and subsequently enrolled in a Certificate III in Aged Care to follow her career aspiration in nursing.

As a self placed independent living young person, the participant required a lot of support and help with confidence building and communication skills. Some activities the young person participated in were handing out resumes, assistance with transport, gaining a Learner License, and a Police Check and Blue Card application. These were essential and important steps in helping our young person in staying engaged and expanding employability.

Our YDC team are well prepared with checklists, resources, and support from our mentor cohort. It’s important to us as a team to link in with other services that can help any young person that walk through our doors. In this case, our young client needed assistance in not just finding employment, but the process that comes along with it. The steps our young person participated in were i-Ready and i-Life workshops, skill building, mentoring, and ongoing support.

By following these steps, our young person then received an interview from the resumes that were handed out with her YDC. The YDC supported our client through the job interview preparation process as well as interview skill building. The end result was our participant successfully landed the job that was interviewed for and continued to complete the Certificate III Individual Support!

We are excited to announce our young person has just started her placement in Aged Care, which means she is even closer to landing her dream job as a Nurse!