A Gen-Z Good News Story

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 13/06/17

We are pleased to announce a success story of one of our young participants that came over to Transition to Work in 2016. Due to various family reasons, the young person had not engaged in formal schooling, and so after participating in a Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, we advocated for her to commence the SEE program and completion of year 10 through TAFE Gold Coast. During this period she successfully received part-time employment with City Beach. After completion of the SEE program, the young person commenced an Associate Diploma of Business through QUT Brisbane. What makes this story remarkable is this determined and eager young person came to us with a dream of completing school and furthering her study. She has now overcome many obstacles and accomplished so much while engaging with the team at Gen-Z due to her hard work and perseverance. We are so proud of the young participant’s amazing accomplishments in a short time of one year, and are excited to see what is yet to come in her bright future.