A Gen-Z Good News Story

Gen-Z Employment

Posted 05/04/17

The Gen-Z team have been working with a 20 y/o male who was a direct referral client. The young man had been disengaged from education due to family health issues. The young person expressed his limited social and academic confidence due to his lack of engagement in education.


The young person’s appointments with his Youth Development Coach (YDC) focussed on highlighting the skills he developed through caring for his family. He was able to recognise his passion for working and serving people.


After several productive one on one appointments with his YDC, the young person felt motivated and expressed his interest to undertake a short hospitality course. He soon after approached an employer on his own accord and commenced employment in the hospitality industry.


The outcome of this young person working alongside his YDC, encouraged him to increase his social circle and confidence in meeting new people.


While working 20+ hours per week, the young person has since obtained his Provisional Driver’s Licence and is now driving to and from work.